Welcom to the future of dental care

With the double power of a semiconductor (titanium oxide) and a solar panel, surprisingly high plaque removal is realized by brushing only with water!

The toothbrush has been advanced by solar power. The toothbrush with a new idea for the next-generation "Soladey-J3X"

In recent years, the semiconductor (titanium oxide) that has attracted attention in many fields has been applied to the toothbrush. The special processing on plating raises the electrical current rate. With special vapor attachment technology (plated using high technology, which means it is hard to peel off) , it is preeminently stabile. Semi-permanent use is possible and replacement is also unnecessary. And a solar panel has low current and is safe for your health.

*** Soladey has been clinically proven to fight plaque and gingivitis better than regular toothbrushes *** Cleans and whitens without toothpaste *** Non-toxic *** Convenient for travel, school and work *** No batteries or charging required *** Replaceable brush heads make it cost effective *** Fully recyclable and environmentally friendly

What dentists say

Soladey has been a secret treasure of many dental practices, and as such has been endorsed by many health care practitioners, including allopathic and holistic scopes of practice.

“Soladey is the most effective and healthy way for everyone to improve their oral care while reducing their costs. It is clinically proven to remove more plaque, while reducing bacteria and biofilm levels in the mouth, and can even remove tough stains.” ~ Dr. Michael Margolis, DDS President of International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine

Soladey mission

In our age consumers are more health-conscious than ever. Our sole purpose is to provide environmentally responsible products, which will be of benefit to our health.

Soladey is an ionic toothbrush that really does work wonders for your smile! The brush is a regular household item in Japan, where sales top over 2 million units a year.

We trust that our product choices will give you much to think about, and we look forward to receiving feedback and answering any questions you may have.